Cealalta Parte

LP / released in 1999 on tape and 2000 on CD
Label: Promusic Rec

  1. Vanity
  2. Pierdut
  3. Ce ești tu ?
  4. Psalm 1
  5. Psalm 2
  6. Prea mult
  7. Lie
  8. Avoid the pain
  9. Cealaltă parte
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The first official TAINE long play record is regarded as a corner stone in the Romanian metal scene. What today is considered an “old-school” thrash/death metal sound was actually as modern as it got back in those days.  Even back then, TAINE had a thing for creating a solid story behind everything. All 8 tracks are a journey for the listener and there is no shortage of atmospheric parts and soaring technical metal riffs, a esthetic trait that TAINE is known for since the earliest days.