Official show of the album “Chaos and Contemplation.”



The start of 2024 is bringing something truly special to Bucharest for all the fans of homegrown metal music. We’re talking about a double album release featuring GOTHIC, who are launching their 4th studio album, “Underground,” and our special guests TAINE, who will be performing their brand-new album, “Chaos and Contemplation,” live for the very first time. We also have L.O.S.T., fellow metal enthusiasts, joining the lineup.

We’re inviting you to an unforgettable evening – a real clash of the titans in the Romanian metal music scene!

GOTHIC’s “Underground” has been in the making for over two years, partly recorded at Consonance Studio in Timișoara and masterfully mixed at Haunting Studios in Greece by the talented producer Nikos Palivos. This album comes packed with surprises, a style evolution, and lyrics mostly in Romanian, marking GOTHIC’s first venture into melodic death metal in their over 30-year career. GOTHIC is one of Romania’s most cherished metal bands, with over 500 shows under their belt, including a remarkable appearance at Wacken Open Air.

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TAINE, celebrating 30 years since their formation, is launching “Chaos and Contemplation,” their latest studio album. Recorded at Taine-Multimedia Studio and professionally mixed/mastered by Forrester Savell, this album showcases their ability to blend diverse musical styles, from ’90s metal to progressive and fusion, taking you on a sonic journey that pushes the boundaries of convention. With introspective lyrics and powerful compositions, this album promises to captivate both newcomers and long-time fans alike.

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L.O.S.T. consists of experienced members from the Romanian metal scene, boasting numerous festival awards, radio and TV appearances since their formation in 2004. They’ve rapidly gained a dedicated underground following, with every concert being a success. With multiple albums and singles in their discography, their latest track, “No Soul,” released in June 2023, shows their commitment to creating new music. They’re even considering recording a new album in the near future. Until then, they’re excited to see you at their super-concert on Saturday, January 20th, at Quantic Club in Bucharest.

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